Business events

Green events

Wind blowing through the pines, birdsong, the freshness of pristine nature and sounds of silence will make your business gatherings unforgettable. Pohorje delicacies prepared by our chefs will give you the focus you need while making important decisions and replenish your powers for future business challenges. A rich entertainment program will provide some fun and informality to your gathering. A natural location is ideal to prepare educational events, gatherings or team-building workshops that your associates and business partners will gladly remember and that will help improve mutual understanding and connections within your team.


CINEMA:  70 persons
U-configuration:  22 persons
TABLE:  24 persons
SCHOOL:  24 persons


CINEMA:  50 persons
U-configuration:  16 persons
TABLE:  24 persons
SCHOOL:  30 persons


CINEMA:  50 persons
U-configuration:  16 persons
TABLE:  24 persons
SCHOOL:  30 persons


CINEMA:  120 persons
U-configuration:  / persons
TABLE:  / persons
SCHOOL:  80 persons


RENTAL PRICE / HOUR: from €45.00

RENTAL PRICE / DAY: from €270.00


  • projector, screen and sound system
  • fast business WiFi
  • translation booths in the meeting room Lisička 2
  • Air conditioning


  • Parking places for all participants – free of charge
  • Special business offer of coffee breaks and banquets
  • Covid 19 guarantee / high standard of cleanliness and compliance with NIJZ recommendations
  • Special offer of wellness pampering
  • Wide range of team building programs

Why green business meetings?


  • meeting rooms are equipped with sorting and recycling bins
  • we are reducing the use of flip chart paper
  • seminar spaces are heated only if required
  • we provide locally sourced food
  • we save energy
  • we organise team-building workshops in nature
  • our coffee breaks are plastic-free
  • favourable location of our facilities and local weather enable us to greatly reduce the use of air-conditioning devices

Coffee break

5.00 €

Coffee, tea, milk, honey, lemon, bottle of natural or mineral water.

5.80 €

Coffee, tea, milk, honey, lemon, 1 bottle of natural or mineral water, juice (orange or apple), mini butter croissant and mini butter croissant filled.

8.00 €
Coffee, tea, milk, honey, lemon, 1 bottle of natural or mineral water, juice (orange or apple), seasonal fruit, homemade “smorn” with dressing, seasonal sweet desserts in glass.
8.00 €

Coffee, tea, milk, honey, lemon, 1 bottle of natural or mineral water, lemonade with mint, homemade apple juice, fruit skewers, fruit and vegetable smoothie, fruit.

LOCAL FLAVORS (all ingredients from nearby farms)
15.00 €

Coffee, tea, milk, honey, lemon, 1 bottle of natural or mineral water, bread with homemade jam, homemade cheeses (2-3 types), homemade local cured meat products (salami, buns, smoked bacon), 1 type of homemade “potica” (mix / walnut / tarragon / carob).


price on request
  • Fruits
  • Dried Fruits
  • Fragile local doughnut
  • Homemade tea cakes
  • Mini canapés
  • Meat/Veggie Sandwiches
  • Savory pastries
  • Prosciutto on grissini
  • Croissant
  • Sweet pastries

Please let us know about the details of your seminar, educational event, business meeting, conference, or business party, and we will provide you with a non-binding offer that will convince you to book our services.

 Phone: +386 2 603 55 00 


Team building

Team bonding and motivational experiences that will more than connect your team.



Our proven team of animators ensures a pleasant and active socializing atmosphere.

XXL football is available on the multi-purpose field located in the center of the Resort. Monster Roller is implemented through the Resort all the way to the church of St. Bolfenk.

Activities can also include field hockey and various other fun outdoor games.


ASTEYA YOGA - Anja Kaloh


Anja feels deeply connected to nature, its energy and the creatures from nature . She respects and accepts nature as a great teacher, so she deliberately spends a lot of time in it. To witness its constant change, rebirth, renewal and acceptance of this as something natural seems to her to be something extraordinary and powerful. She feels most connected to herself in natural silence.

The workshop includes:

  • Relaxation and strengthening of the physical body through asanas – yoga positions
  • Meditation, pranayama – guided breathing
  • The use of manual mudras as additional energy support;
  • Koshi or Zaphir bell support for deeper relaxation.


Accompanied by a local cycling guide, you will discover the hidden corners of Pohorje, which are full of wonderful views, local stops and old huts. The tour will restore your strength and enchant you with the local offer and tastes.

Conquering the hills will be a breeze with the use of our e-bikes.



The workshop consists of:

  1. An interactive fun lecture with a presentation of approx. 10 minutes: What is laughter, where does it come from? Laughter as a lever for creativity. The effect of laughter on the body, well-being and memory. Playfulness is a forgotten activity. How to refresh your brain and relax with laughter. Laughter can be learned – connection between mind and body and vice versa. Laughter as a tool for easier and more effective learning and cooperation.
  2. Playful laughter exercises that lead to playfulness, relaxation and connection through dynamics. Fun laughter exercises take place in such a way that the participants do the exercises – either statically in place or moving around the room. Laughing in a group, with the help of eye contact, leads to laughter, even among those who are not into it. The purpose of the exercises is to prepare the participants to laugh, to teach them how to make themselves laugh and, last but not least, how to start laughing if we don’t feel like it. The participants relax, smile, bond, and receive instructions on how to use the exercises at home or at work.


The company “Mentalni trener” (MENTAL COACH) is active in several areas, which are largely related to human psychological functioning. In addition to sports psychology, they also focus on the mental preparation of individuals, such as top athletes, managers, executives, employees or simply those who would like to learn how to deal with stressful situations and how to function optimally. They offer various professional EDUCATION. They mainly focus on topics related to work stress, work motivation, team effectiveness, as well as leadership training and learning leadership skills, which is not only based on a position of strength, but effectively seeks ways to find individual characteristics in each individual. and its optimum. They achieve all this through professional and high-quality training, which takes place in the form of lectures and workshops. With the help of professional psychological approaches and special activities, they also ensure more efficient functioning of the work team, which is achieved through interesting and educational TEAM BUILDING PROGRAMS.


As part of business events at Pohorje Village Resort, we organize wine tastings at Vinarstva Frešer, where the breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape will convince you to come back again. Get to know the many beauties that Pohorje has to offer, and complete the unique experience with the tasting offer of the Frešer winery.

They say that there is a lot of knowledge and secrets trapped in wine that they want to share with you. For all “wine-lovers”, they organize a guided tour of the Frešer winery and a guided wine tasting accompanied by local delicacies from their farm.


The Go Team app guides teams to various GPS points where different challenges are triggered. The tasks along the way are very diverse, so each participant will be able to contribute their own piece. The coaching team monitors the successes and current location of all teams.


ETC Olympics are the Olympics of your company. Employees are divided in groups which compete amongst themselves in different fun activities. All we need is a big enough space where we can set up the games and we can begin!

It is suitable for outdoor events where you wish to animate a greater group of people. We choose what and how many games will there be based on your wishes and in line with your company field, abilities of the employees and the type of event.

Always smiling, energetic “Primorka”, who loves good food, will take the group through special cooking techniques, dessert preparation or even outdoor cooking. Divided into smaller groups, you will compete against each other in cooking skills, full of laught as well as music and drinks. She says her mission is to spread a love of cooking among you. Give it a try.


Equipped with cameras and divided into groups of 3-7 people, you will face time and ten unusual tasks that will decide your fate of the day. Your activities will be monitored by judges. A dynamic and attractive program that simply cannot let you down. It is a guarantee for a complete disconnection and an unforgettable memorable experience that you will remember for a long time.

Turn off digital devices and spend time without smartphones. An anti-stress day gives you the opportunity to get in touch with nature and co-workers. You will be tested in a variety of skills in which you will need to rely on your instinct and show your intuitive actions. The workshop is followed by a short walk to the forest clearing where a yoga instructor will be waiting for you and show you some exercises. At the end of the program, there is a discussion about your experiences of the current day and how you manage stress at work and in everyday life.


It is a speed orienteering competition in which the task of the teams is to overcome the set path in the shortest possible time. Through socializing you are going to is cycle, climb, show your orientation skills and much more.


A wave of creative energy and crazy ideas awaits your team as you are faced with a complex artistic test: divided into groups, you have to paint individual sections of the painting, which together form a great work of art. Divided into groups, you will receive everything a real painter needs – canvases, paints, brushes, chalks, protective equipment. The group painting as a rounded whole performs a pre-selected message, which we determine in advance by cooperating with you and the painter present at the event.


Looking for new ideas? Active workshops for the development of creative thinking, which aim to teach participants the use of psychological tools to encourage creative thinking in the business and private world.

Numerous studies have shown that the use of humor improves team relationships, increases innovation, accelerates salespeople performance, and increases directors ’bargaining power. Strengthen your team’s sense of humor. The program takes the form of a few hours of professional workshop in which you will find or strengthen your own sense of humor and prepare to apply new skills in everyday life.