Gift Card Conditions

The subject of general conditions apply to the purchase of gift vouchers from the issuer Pohorje Village Wellbeing Resort, Hočko Pohorje 133, 2208 Pohorje on the website

Pohorje Village Wellbeing Resort (seller) allows the buyer of online sales (buyer) to view the offer and value before purchase. The value of the gift certificate is selected by the buyer. Gift vouchers have different values, starting at €10.00.

The value of the voucher includes VAT.

Gift certificates are transferable and redeemable for services and products offered by the seller. The buyer receives an order confirmation to his e-mail address.

Online sales are available 24 hours a day.

The seller reserves the right to change these general terms and conditions of business at any time without prior notice, and it should be emphasized that the buyer’s purchase is governed by the general terms and conditions of sale that apply on the day the purchase is submitted.

  1. Purchase

On the website it is possible to purchase gift vouchers with indicated values. For each online purchase, the buyer must agree to the Terms of Online Sale of Gift Vouchers.

By confirming the purchase of a gift voucher, the buyer expressly agrees that he is fully aware of the provisions of these general conditions and that he fully accepts and confirms them.

From the list of gift vouchers, the buyer first selects a voucher with the selected value and adds it to the shopping cart.

The customer can purchase an unlimited number of vouchers in the basket, and all vouchers are subject to the same voucher purchase conditions.

At the time of purchase, the buyer provides or enter the following information:

  • name and surname
  • e-mail
  • phone Number

Then he indicates the method of payment and the method of receipt of the voucher. After completing the online purchase, the buyer receives an order confirmation with all order information via email.

  1. Payment, acceptance

The buyer settles the purchase price for ordered gift vouchers according to the seller’s proforma invoice or makes payment by credit card. The buyer selects the payment method. The customer chooses the method of collection of the ordered gift vouchers, namely through an e-mail address in pdf format and orders the delivery of the gift voucher in physical form to his address

Liability, cancellation, replacement

The seller is not responsible if the buyer himself does not pick up the ordered gift voucher received in pdf format at his e-mail address or if he does not pick it up physically at his address. Also, the seller is not responsible if the buyer loses the gift certificate, destroys it or disables its use in any other way. The seller does not issue duplicate gift certificates. Gift vouchers are valid for 1 (one) year from the date of issue. Voucher use must be reserved in advance at or tel. no. 00386 2 603 55 00. The holder presents the gift voucher when the service is performed at the seller’s location / at the central reception of the Resort, which is located in the Wellness & Spa Hotel Bolfenk****.

Exchange of a gift certificate for cash is not possible.

It is also not possible to extend its validity or replace it in case of loss, destruction or damage. In these cases, the buyer is also not entitled to any refund. The gift voucher can only be redeemed in full and can only be used once. The gift voucher is valid within the scope of the information written on it:

  • identification Number
  • title or voucher value
  • voucher issue date
  • valid and redeemable
  • recognizable design

 The buyer is entitled to assert the seller’s responsibility for material defects within the time limits and in accordance with the provisions of the applicable Consumer Protection Act. The buyer has the right to notify the seller within 14 days of receiving the ordered gift certificate that he withdraws from the contract and at the same time returns the gift certificates to the seller, without having to state the reason for his decision (the above applies exclusively to natural persons who obtain a gift certificate for a purpose outside of its gainful activity). In this case, the cost of returning the vouchers is borne by the buyer. In order to get the right to withdraw, the buyer must inform the seller (Pohorje Village Wellbeing Resort, Hočko Pohorje 133, 2208 Pohorje, of his decision to withdraw from the contract with an unequivocal statement (e.g. by letter sent by post or e-mail ). In order for the deadline for withdrawing from the contract to be taken into account, it is sufficient that the notification regarding the exercise of the buyer’s right to withdraw from the contract is sent before the expiry of the withdrawal period from this contract.

  1. Security and privacy of personal data

The seller undertakes to protect the confidentiality of personal data of website users. The collected data will be used exclusively for the purposes for which they were collected or provided by customers and to improve the use of the website. We will not use personal data and contact information for other purposes, and we will not disclose them to third parties without the express permission of the website user, except in cases where this is stipulated by law. We will do everything to protect the data of website users from any violations and abuses. All customer personal data is stored in the seller’s database, except payment card data. These data are processed on the bank’s website and must be re-entered when purchasing again. The security and processing of payment card data is handled by the bank, which enables secure transactions. All data provided by the buyer will be the exclusive property of the seller and protected in accordance with the legislation defining the protection of personal data. They will only be used with the buyer’s consent and so that the seller can ensure a smooth online purchase process. At the customer’s request, they will also be used to forward notifications, offers, news.

  1. Other information

For all complaints, order cancellations, complaints and additional information about ordering and purchasing online, the customer can call tel. no. 00386 2 603 55 00 or send an email to

The seller in accordance with the 3rd paragraph 32. art. of the Act on the Out-of-Court Resolution of Consumer Disputes declares that it does not recognize any IRPS provider as competent for the resolution of consumer disputes arising in online sales procedures under these general terms and conditions. The confirmation of the order, which the buyer receives by e-mail, is not valid instead of a gift certificate and the buyer cannot use it to claim the paid service.

At the point of sale (at the hotel) of the seller, the buyer must present himself exclusively with the gift voucher, which he receives by e-mail in pdf format, or pick it up in person at his address.

Protection of personal data

At Pohorje Village Wellbeing Resort, we respect the importance of personal data protection, which is why we handle your data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With your consent, we obtain personal data from various online or written sources. Data that we can keep for the purpose of notification are:

  • name and surname,
  • demographic data (e.g. gender, age, date of birth),
  • contact information (e.g. web address, telephone number),
  • information about participation in events and purchasing habits.