Welcome to Pohorje Village Wellbeing Resort. In a charming mountain village located at 1050 meters above sea level in Mariborsko Pohorje. Only 300 m away from the upper station of Ropeway Pohorska Vzpenjača and the largest Slovenian ski resort.

It was built in an idyllic wooden Alpine-mountain style and is located in the midle of the beautiful Pohorje forest.

The resort consists of four accommodation facilities, each offering a unique experience. They leave you in peace and quiet, with dreamy forest views and feelings of peace. The mornings smell of the forest and promise that you will have a day of your own choice – full of activities in nature or a completely relaxed day at the wellness centre WellNest. Welcome.

LOCATION: Hočko Pohorje 133, 2208 Pohorje, Slovenia


Dear guests. There are several routes leading to Pohorje, for arriving by car only one is suitable, and that route leads through the village of Hoče.

From the highway (A1) exit, go in the direction of Hoče-Zgornje Hoče. The route will take you through Slivniško Pohorje and then Hočko Pohorje.

The described route follows a normal two-way road, which offers wonderful views of the Drava Valley and the nearby hills.

Driving from the motorway exit to your final stop takes 20 minutes.

 If the navigation takes you through the town of Pivola, change the proposed route to the one that leads through the town of Zgornje Hoče.



In the heart of Maribor, Slovenia’s second-largest city, lies a major railway and bus station serving numerous international and local routes.

From here, guests can reach our resort via public transportation.

At the station, take city bus number 6, which runs from Center to Pohorska Vzpenjača. Exit at the final stop, Pohorska Vzpenjača, where you will find the lower station of the gondola. This cable car ride offers splendid panoramic views of Maribor and its vineyards and lasts 8 minutes.

After exiting the upper station, follow the path to the right to reach Pohorje Village Resort, located just 300 meters away.



250 ha

ski areas


1000 m high

with the Pohorje Ropeway


1250 m

high view

The hotel as well as apartments are connected to amazing Wellness center. On the first flor there is a Spa center – swimming pool, on the second flor there are great saunas with an amazing view. They are not crouded at all. Ski slopes are close to the hotel and the food was good. Friendly staff as well. We would recommend this hotel.


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Energy path Bolfenk

0 km / 2 min


PohorJet downhill ride

6 km / 12 min


Fram waterfall

3,6 km / 6 min


Ropeway Pohorska vzpenjača

2 km / 5 min


Bike Park

8 km / 13 min


Maribor City Centre

23 km / 30 min


The oldest vine in Slovenia

9 km / 14 min