Team buildings in Pohorje

At Pohorje Village Wellbeing Resort, we believe that exceptional team-building experiences go beyond the ordinary. That’s why we offer a wide range of activities, each carefully designed for different aspects of team dynamics.

Take a look below at some of our classic team building programs, to which we can add a whole set of them.

Trust us with your wishes – everything is possible with us.

Looking for a way to boost your team spirit and strengthen the bonds that enable your business to grow? Here, in the magical landscape of Mariborsko Pohorje, we offer an unrivaled set of experiences to strengthen teams, which skilfully combine the power of nature, wellness, adventure and expert coaching. Welcome to the world of inspiration and renewal for your team.

A variety of Experience

Balance of mind and body

  • Discover advanced wellness treatments and find inner peace in our WellNest house of well-being
  • Possibilities of private lease of Svet savn (up to 40 persons) with sauna programs and accompanying detox program, yoga workshops, breathing exercises, healing aroma meditations and stress free programs.
  • Provide balance with activities such as barefoot forest walks and therapeutic “shouts in the woods”.
  • Strengthen leadership skills with personal coaching sessions conducted by renowned psychologists and coaches with international licenses.

Disconnect and connect

  • Infuse your team with creativity in yoga sessions in a relaxing forest setting, mindfulness meditation and relaxing breathing practices
  • Seek adrenaline challenges with skydiving and hot air balloon rides, or try winter team-building activities.
  • Deepen your knowledge in workshops led by expert professors focusing on strategy, sales improvement and overcoming workplace burnout.

Gastronomic pleasures

  • Go on organized hikes through picturesque landscapes, punctuated by gourmet stops at Michelin-starred cottages and tourist farms.
  • Guided walk to the Skalca waterfall / Framski waterfall, to the Šumik waterfall, an evening walk with lanterns to the Habakuk viewpoint – night view of the city of Maribor, a guided hike along the Rozka forest educational trail with a view of the queen of fir trees – Trbis’s fir tree (higher than 40m2), guided tasting hike past Gostišče Jelka (local Encijan), Hotel Tisa/former post office (local bilberry), past Skalca waterfall to Mariborska Koča (local heart strength), to Pohorje Village Wellbeing Resort (spruce liqueur), guided hike through Areh, visit to the church St. Areh by ringing the wishing bell.
  • Awaken your senses with unique culinary experiences, including wine tastings in total darkness, where all your senses will come to life.

Discover the beauty of Maribor and its surroundings

  • Expand your horizons with bike tours with electric bikes and exploring the beautiful Slovenian landscape.
  • Become a detective at suspenseful mystery dinners (Mistery dinner at Restaurant Videc) and survival camps for teams (Survival camp).
  • Experience the essence of Maribor and its surroundings with unforgettable outdoor activities.
  • Panoramic gondola ride to the valley, departure by city bus to the city center (13-minute drive), guided tour of the city center, wine tasting in the House of the Old Vine, the oldest vines in the world, the possibility of degustation and a tour of the Vinag winery, one of the largest wine cellars in the central part of Europe, which is located under the city center itself, etc.

Our destination, your experience

With our picturesque resort as your base, enjoy all that Maribor and the surrounding area has to offer. Our beautiful restaurant, which can accommodate up to 200 guests, is the perfect location for unforgettable business meetings and celebrations.

At Pohorje Village, we go through the usual team building programs. We design exceptional and transformative experiences that leave lasting impressions and foster team unity. Embrace the nature of the Maribor Pohorje and the wisdom of world-renowned experts.

Contact us today and embark on a journey towards excellence for your team.

Competition in cooking “Pohorski Pisker”

The program begins with the warm greeting of our chef Gregor Jager, who presents the Pohorje Pisker to the group. Chef briefly describes the history and importance of this delicious dish and presents the challenge that the groups will face – preparing their own dish Pohorski Pisker. The competition takes place outside in nature, in the center of a resort that is idyllically placed on a forest clearing, which provides an additional magical atmosphere during cooking.

Each group has its own cooking island, equipped with all the ingredients and gadgets you need. For easier recipe tracking, each group will receive accurate instructions on how to prepare this magical dish.

For additional comfort and a pleasant atmosphere, a drink will be directly available to the groups. If desired, we can also prepare an open bar with a drink where participants will be able to refresh themselves while cooking. The atmosphere is enriched by carefully selected music that plays from nearby speakers and creates a pleasant background for this unique culinary experience.

Our team building program is not only a competition in cooking, but also an opportunity to strengthen team spirit, get to know local flavors and enjoy pleasant socializing. Get ready for a day full of fun, creativity and delicious experiences!

Duration: 3 hours

Note: A minimum of 16 people

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Cooking Workshop with Chef Gregor Jager

Join us on a unique culinary adventure, where Chef Gregor Jager, a famous taster of the dish in the show Little Chefs and chef of Bolfenk and Videc restaurants, will take you through a fun and instructive cooking workshop. This unforgettable team-building program will be held at one of his restaurants and is designed to encourage collaboration, laughter, and strengthening of the team spirit.

The workshop consists of two parts:

First part: Tasting workshop full of laughter
In the first part of the workshop, the groups will compete in the challenge of tasting with their eyes shut. This full-of-laughter activity will test their buds and their ability to recognize different dishes blindly. The competitive spirit and the funny atmosphere will provide the right party and connect the team.

Second part: Preparing a delicious meat dish or fresh pasta
In the second part of the workshop, Chef Gregor will lead the group in the preparation of delicious meat dishes such as Steaks or Burgers, or creating their fresh pasta. Participants will have the opportunity to learn new cooking skills and create excellent dishes led by an experienced chef.

For the atmosphere to be relaxed, a pleasant ambiance and excellent wine accompaniment will be provided. Thus, participants will be able to enjoy their culinary creations with a glass of high-end wine exchanging pleasant conversations and experiences.

Our cooking workshop with Chef Gregor Jager is not only an opportunity to learn new cooking techniques but also to strengthen their relationships within the team. Get ready for a day full of laughter, creativity, and delicious experiences!

Duration: 2 – 3 hours

Note: A minimum of 16 people

Tel.: +386 2 603 55 00 or


A great combination of teamwork, light physical skills, fun, ingenuity and good communication. The group moves from point to point with the help of an “info” package, which contains instructions that lead the group to the next point, looking for the goal – “hidden treasure”.

The program participants are divided into groups of 8 people. Each group receives a starter pack containing instructions and tasks to be completed by each team. The orienteering adventure takes place in the forest, on Mariborsko Pohorje. Each group is supervised by an animator.


NOTE: minimum 16 people

Tel.: +386 2 603 55 00 or


Fun sports games on the soccer field located in the center of the resort: guided range/series of sports games, ball games, field hockey, and giant ski games.

Games without borders are full of fun, challenges, and a healthy competitive spirit. Roll up your sleeves for your team and compete against your colleagues in the match of your life. Have you tried playing giant skiing or field hockey with your team?

There is always a great atmosphere and team motivation at fun games. Games without limits are suitable for just about everyone and do not require you to have any previous sports knowledge or sports equipment.


NOTE: minimum 16 people

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GUIDED E-CYCLE TOUR – Borovničev Modrinček Bolfenk – Areh

An excellent guided e-bike tour that takes the group along a forest bike path that opens in clearings with wonderful views of the Drava Valley and its wine-growing hills.

With powerful E-bikes, we go to Mariborska koča, the top of Partizanka, to the reservoir lake on Areh (where there is a stop at Ruška koča), we continue to Glažuta, Partizanka, Videc, the church of St. Bolfenk and we arrive back at the resort.

Thanks to E-bikes, the bike tour is also suitable for those who are not athletes at heart and are not very physically fit.



NOTE: minimum 16 people

Tel.: +386 2 603 55 00 or

GUIDED E-CYCLE TOUR – Wine & Bike Culinary Tour

Experience Pohorje on an E-bike. A combination of wonderful views, perfect tastes at Kmetija Kovačnik and top wines from the Frešer winery. The guided e-bike tour starts at the resort, from where the group is taken along the transversal route to Areh, where there is a shortstop, followed by a descent and ride along the southern slope of this part of the Pohorje, through Frajhajm and Planica, which offer wonderful views of the beautiful hillsides. At Kovačnik, you will be greeted with a welcome drink and an excellent homemade lunch, carefully prepared by the housekeeper Angelca.

After lunch, the cycle tour continues to the Frešer Winery, where a tour of the wine cellar follows with a tasting (of 4 samples) of renowned wines.

This is followed by a return with E-bikes to Pohorje or organized transport.

DURATION TIME: 5-6 hours


use of an E-bike with a helmet,
lunch at Kovačnik’s: welcome drink, greetings from the kitchen, two types of soup, three main meat dishes with side dishes and vegetables, dessert,
a tour of the wine cellar at the Frešer Winery, with a tasting of four types of wine,
return transport and guided escort.

NOTE: minimum 8 people

Tel.: +386 2 603 55 00 or


Many renowned winemakers are worth visiting, but most often groups choose the one closest to us and the owner of many awards. The Frešer winery is famous for its top wines and excellent offers. Already the seventh generation has been creating wines in which you can feel the rich viticultural tradition of the area and the wine heritage that has been developed at the Frešer farm since 1832. Their wines are full of aroma and pleasant fruity freshness. The breathtaking view of the landscape that surrounds them will convince you to return to them.
For groups, we organize a tour of their wine cellar with a tasting of four wine samples, accompanied by a homemade snack consisting of homemade cured meats and selected cheeses from local cheese factories.
DURATION TIME: 1,5 hours
NOTE: minimum 15 people

Tel.: +386 2 603 55 00 or

BRINGIN fusion

Join us at a unique BrinGin workshop, where we will discover the secrets of preparing the best gin and tonic cocktail together! Under expert guidance, you will try different types of gin, learn the art of combining flavors and gain valuable skills for creating the perfect drink.

DURATION TIME: 1.5 hours

NOTE: minimum 10 people

Tel.: +386 2 603 55 00 or

WINE tasting

Our team building program includes a noble wine tasting, where you will taste 5 wine samples. Through an introduction and an interactive tasting, we will jointly evaluate the appearance, smell and taste of each one individually. Participants will enjoy mutual interaction and great wine tastes. Join us for an unforgettable experience full of new knowledge and wine pleasures.

DURATION TIME: 1.5 hours

NOTE: minimum 7 people, maximum 25

Tel.: +386 2 603 55 00 or

SPARKLES and bubbles

Welcome to the world of bubbles, which will easily lead you to a unique workshop in which you will appreciate the exceptional flavors of the best local sparkling wines. Join us and enjoy socializing and great bubbly experiences that will bond your team and enrich your knowledge of the world of sparkling wine.

DURATION TIME: 1.5 hours

NOTE: minimum 7 people, maximum 25

Tel.: +386 2 603 55 00 or


A beautiful hike that leads past the Mariborska koča, where there is a short stop and a tasting of the local blueberry wine, which every visitor to Pohorje should try. The view from Mariborska koča extends to Dravsko polje, above which rise the hilly Haloze, Boč and mountain Donačka, in the background we can see Medvednica. We continue our journey to the waterfall Skalca, a beautiful 16 m waterfall hidden in a forest hollow. After a wonderful experience that will fill you with gratitude for nature and its creations, we slowly make our way back to the hotel.

DURATION TIME: 2.5 hours

NOTE: minimum 16 people

Tel.: +386 2 603 55 00 or

WINE TASTING AT THE RESORT – conducted by one of the renowned in-house winemakers – GAUBE, PUKLAVEC or HORVAT

In case of business events or meetings, we can organize a wine tasting at the location of the resort – in the Bolfenk or Videc restaurants.

Tel.: +386 2 603 55 00 or

Peasant games – TeamUP events

They are a fun team-building program where teams compete in skills, power and knowledge in performing old peasant chores.

Competitors in groups overcome certain tasks that will show confidence, good communication and team coherence. Turn off computers, put away phones, and forget about the Internet – we invite you to peasant games to the world 50 years ago. Plenty of joy, fun, competitive spirit and good socializing.

Within the whole program, the team will develop:

– A team orientation
– Connection
– Good communication
– Division of tasks
– Cooperation
– Motivation of team and individual
– Measuring performance
– Personal satisfaction, entertainment and humour.

Tel.: +386 2 603 55 00 or


The ETC Olympiad is your company’s “Games without borders”, where employees are divided into groups that compete against each other in various fun, unusual sports.

ETC Olympiad is suitable for outdoor events where you want to animate a larger group of people. We determine the number and choice of games together according to your wishes, while taking into account the interests of the company, the abilities of the employees, and the dynamics of the meeting.

Tel.: +386 2 603 55 00 or


With the Go Team team building program, we can turn any destination into an interactive playground that provides a fun context for discovering local history and culture.

The activity motivates employees by creating conditions where everyone can freely express their ideas and opinions. Teams work outside of their normal work environment, which encourages them to think creatively, outside of their normal routine.

Tel.: +386 2 603 55 00 or

ARTY PARTY – Painting and wine drinking

Team building program where participants receive their picture on canvas. No painting experience is necessary, as this is not a typical art workshop.

Unless you were able to have a glass of wine with your art teacher. Excuses that the participants are “ANTI-TALENTED” do not count. The animators of the program guide the group step by step, from the blank canvas to the final image. How do kids always get the picture right? Because they’re having fun. And that’s what an arty party is. It also has a therapeutic effect (wine and painting).

Tel.: +386 2 603 55 00 or


Communication psychodynamic games – fun group challenges with insights into how individuals act in different situations – mastering the routine, thinking “out of the box”, listening – communicating – tracking…

With the help of creative techniques and observations at these kinds of workshops, we always come to extraordinary insights, and the implementations so far confirm that this way of working for teams and collectives is very valuable and unifying, and means important shifts in the field of cooperation and productivity.

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ASTEYA YOGA with Anja Kaloh – Guided group yoga practice

Yoga is an invitation to connect body, mind and spirit, establish contact with ourselves, release tension and come back to ourselves.

Yoga practice combines connected movement through asanas, pranayama and meditation. With the practice of yoga, we become aware of the breath every time, and with the connected flow of asanas, we improve the flow of vital energy. With the state we achieve during exercise, we can face everyday challenges more easily.

Yoga led by Anja is not just body movement, but an authentic companion for a healthy life. It is a philosophy that helps us create hope for a kinder world.

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Gozdna kopel forest bathing na Mariborskem Pohorju_Pohorje Village Wellbeing Resort

FOREST BATH – Natural experiences with forest baths

Experience guided relaxation and transformation in nature. The workshop in the middle of greenery and without disturbing elements will refresh you internally and lead you to valuable discoveries as a group with directed exercises, calm movement, attentive observation, and deep considerations.

What you can expect:

  • Relaxation and calmness: disconnecting from everyday stress and establishing inner balance.
  • Connecting with nature: discovering hidden beauty, diversity, and beneficial resources.
  • Self-reflection and transformation: reawakening emotions, talents, and restoring inner strength.
  • Support and connection: strengthening your relationship with yourself, your loved ones, and your surroundings.
  • Mind, Body, and Spirit Challenges: achieving effective collaboration and shared satisfaction.

DURATION TIME: 2-3 hours

NOTE: 6 – 15 persons

Tel.: +386 2 603 55 00 or

Fun with DJ, karaoke, vintage photo booth, wheel of happiness

When good food and drink are enriched with top music, karaoke, and an entertaining wheel of happiness, we create an unforgettable evening full of memories. An experienced DJ will make sure that guests spend most of their time on the dance floor, enjoying rhythms, and energetic atmosphere. The vintage photo booth will capture invaluable moments in photos that participants will be able to take with them to preserve wonderful memories of this special event.

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Frajton Špela – a girl with the voice and accordion

Musical enrichment of the day! Frajton Špela is a girl who likes to take the accordion and sing from the soul and heart. With her charisma, she seduces everybody to sing along all the famous folk songs.

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