Sports preparations

Due to its location and 1050m above sea level, as well as the immediate proximity of the ropeway Pohorje and the largest Slovenian ski resort, Pohorje Village Wellbeing Resort is a popular location for sports training for winter athletes.

Due to its favourable climate, comfortable accommodation, swimming pools and wellness centre as well as nutritional food, and multi-purpose sports halls and football fields located in the center of the resort and at the foot of Pohorje, other athletes will also feel great during the preparations.

Maribor is a city of sports. It is the home of various national champions, the site of European and world championships and cups, as well as numerous sports and recreational events. The city is characterized by a rich tradition of sports participation, which is reflected in successful and growing sports tourism and many successful athletes who come from Maribor. The city and its surroundings offer exceptional conditions for recreation or professional training.

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Our offer:

  • several different types of accommodation – from highly categorical accommodation for teams of higher standards, to multi-bed accommodation for younger teams
  • diet adapted to athletes – menu composition by sports nutritionists – all meals are self-service
  • meeting rooms for video analysis with meetings for teams
  • washing sports jerseys
  • massage room for each team included in the offer
  • entrance to the pool with energized spring water – independent use of the pool for teams (separate from other guests)
  • organization of the use of sports fields and halls
  • organization of matches
  • organization of bus transport and other transfers
  • use of outdoor sports fields located in the center of the Resort
  • countless opportunities for outdoor recreation – excellent trekking and hiking trails for outdoor training

Additional attributes:

  • The location of the Resort – at 1040 m above sea level – favorable fresh summer temperatures for sports preparations and the beneficial influence of the altitude climate
  • Moving away from the urban center to the green oasis of the Pohorje forests – an excellent starting point for team bonding and focus on the quality of sports preparations
  • The possibility of leasing entire accommodation units (hotels, apartment houses) and thereby guaranteeing an exclusive stay in individual units
  • individual approach and flexibility in implementation
  • excellent sports nutrition – we also provide Halal and Kosher friendly nutrition